Know More About Evexia Lifecare Limited

Edible Oil Mnaufacturer

We Produce high-quality edible oils for cooking, baking, and other purposes. we ensure that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

EVs are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, Electric Vehicle Manufacturers are playing an important role in the development of sustainable transportation solutions.

Plastic Granutes Manufacturer

Plastic Granules are used in a wide range of industries, from packaging and construction to automotive and medical.

Lubricants Production

We provide the necessary lubricating oils and greases that are used in a wide range of machinery, from automotive to industrial applications.

Gold Diamond Trading

Gold and diamond trading is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries.

Software Development

We're having Expertise in Customised softwarwe, website and Mobile application developement.

From Chairman's Desk

Rearrange the entire color palette, making your site unique and beautiful.theme using a wide selection

Researching and Planning

He Beleives in Deep and Intense Research About Problem and Prepares Perfect Blueprints to have optimized Solution.

Quality Products

He Beleives in Quality Products, He beleives qualiti is remembered long after price is Forgotten.

World Record Holder

Apart from Business activity, he is also associated with “Samvedan Charitable Trust” as Managing Trustee. This organization mainly organize “GARBA MAHOTSAV” at Vadodara since 25 years for noble cause for the worship of goddess Durga. Under his leadership, this organization has registered its name in “LIMCA BOOK of Records”.